Skin Care


Daphne offers an array of unique and truly original facials. All facials are performed following true French tradition and savoir-faire. It truly is a ritual of beauty and respect for healthy skin.

Our method consists of draining fluids and toxins accumulated in tissues with the aid of the ancient knowledge of Aromatherapy; essence of plants and flowers and the massage technique of lymphatic drainage with crystals. The lymph circulation transports proteins, hormones, immune cells, fatty acids as well as toxins, free radicals and cell waste throughout the tissues. Lymph circulation stagnation results in hastening the aging process. The combination of lymphatic drainage and essential oils in our facials relieves chronic conditions such as sinusitis allergy breakouts, acne and rosecea as well as regenerates scarred and wrinkled skin.

Tahitian Customized Facial

Specializing in sensitive and clogged skin, Daphne blends very specifically her flowers and plants pharmacopeia, according to each individual imbalance of the whole organism. Here again, Tahitian, Egyptian and French essences regulate and deeply heal the skin and its immune function. Cooling semi precious crystals are used for lymphatic drainage of face, throat, neck and decollete. This french technique drains toxins from skin back into the cardiovascular system to be released. Breakout occur when our toxin overloaded lymphatic system releases impurities through the skin. Crystals absorb nerve inflammation that causes wrinkles and clogged pores. Earth's gentlest remedies transfer their life force to our primary immune defense skin. Light Therapy at the conclusion of the facial to heal and relax the mind, face and skin. 

2 hours for $150   Detoxifying foot bath  & foot reflexology


Body Treatments

French Lymphatic Massage

According to individual needs, Daphne releases blockages, tension and inflammation. Very relaxing and soothing for the nervous system, lymphatic drainage treats swelling of legs and abdomen, detoxifies heart, lungs, kidneys and fat layer. It strengthens immune system and regulates hormonal flow. Customized Monoi blend penetrates through this uniquely french savoir faire to all of the organs (brain included) to detoxify and re-energize the entire body.

2 hours $195 for women only . Detoxifying foot bath included

Deep Tissue Crystal Massage

Deeply relaxing and tension releasing treatment that consists of a mix of traditional aromatherapy Swedish massage by hands, and cooling crystals used on pressure points to unlocked deeply rooted neuromuscular blockages. 

1,5 hour $150

Sinus Relief Treatment

An ancient treatment known by native American as well as European, slightly modernized. Inflammation residing in the cranium is released by magnetic metal run along each side of the spine. Plant essences that aid breathing are applied in a zigzag pattern along the spine. Crystal reflexology is performed to further realign and open spine and cranium. Blue Light therapy and crystals  are used on sinus area on the face to treat bone and nerve inflammation, relieving pain and pressure. A real alternative therapy to chronic sinus conditions.

2 hour  $190

Lymphatic massage with seaweed mud wrap

Enhanced quite powerful detoxifying treatment consisting of lymphatic massage followed by mud application and heating wrap. 

Includes Light therapy Bath. 

3 hours $300 women only

Corsican Hot Salt body scrub

An energizing scrub of Monoi, salt  and corsican circulation enhancing plants to smooth skin back to its baby state. It improves blood, lymph and nerve circulation, It exfoliates and moisturizes deeply the skin. The treatment consists of an energetic scrubbing massage, a shower and a moisturizing butters massage. Leaving you feeling tingling, energized, renewed with unbelievably glowing skin. Perfect for the bride to be, special occasions or just to feel fabulous

2 hours $245

Aromatic Mud Body Wrap

A detoxifying body treatment consisting of Dead Sea mud, essential oils application and warm blanket cocoon with a facial crystal massage and light therapy. Followed by a crystal, aromatherapy and light therapy bath and a body butter finish. Very detoxifying and replenishing all together.

2 hours $245

Chakras balancing treatment

Color light therapy to open Chakras including hands and feet reflexology, facial crystal massage and back massage. Ideal for back pain, relieves anxiety and blockages. Very energizing and relaxing all together. 

2,5 hours $225


Egyptian Crystal Reflexology


With the aid of semi precious stones, Daphne realigns bones and energy throughout the body. Relaxation is induced by powerful release of nervous tension residing in the feet. In fact, organs deposit through their nerve paths salt crystals result from blocked flow due to stress and toxins. Semi precious crystals absorb and clear these blockages. Monoi - Chocolate cream furthermore stimulates blood and lymph circulation in this non intrusive, but very efficient healing treatment. 

1 hour   $100   Detoxifying foot bath included

Hair Removal

Chic Eyebrow Shaping

Daphne's Gemini eye and hand coordination creates the perfect form and symmetry for your individual eyebrow shape: natural, stylish and a la mode ! A gentle french putty type wax is used, low temperature and non adhesive to the skin.


French Method Hair Removal

Special french wax for sensitive skin: bubble gum texture, non adhesive to skin, low temperature, less painful. Oxygen and Lavender sprayed on the face, Monoi and Lavender applied on the body afterwards.

Brazilian Bikini $80 

Regular Bikini $50                            

Legs and toes $100

Lip $20                                                                    

Thighs $55

Cheeks and chin $50                                                

Knees to toes $55

Underarm $40                                                            

Arms and hands $60