The Belle Fee Philosophy

At Belle Fee we recognize and use the fact that beauty is spiritual and spirituality is beautiful
With the aid of fairies ( energy quantum)residing in essences of plants, roots and flowers, crystals, stones, metal, clays, salts and simply light waves, we restore proper energy flow, through our various life force systems and harvest beauty lent by these fairies to our skin, hair, alignment. The life force or sparkle of the fairies is transferred to us , supporting our depleted bodies attacked daily by food toxins, chemicals and radiation
Essential oils regulate hormones, detoxify the digestive system, balance the brain, ease the breath etc
Crystals develop our abilities, clear our brain and nervous system, dissolve negative emotions and more
Oscillating light waves provideto our cells the energy amount necessary for cells to duplicate and detoxify the brain and digestive system from candida that causes depression for example
Lymphatic drainage massage technique brings nutrients to our cells and dispose of cells' waste, nature's way to fight cancer and degeneration
Resulting in naturally glowing strong skin, beautiful facial features, un swollen /inflammation free/ aligned bodies, glossy,non greying hair.
A result never achieved by anti fairies( synthetic chemicals )like Botox, plastic surgery, fillers, extensions that only weakens our systems and ages their victims prematurely

Homeopathy is a scientific method that strengthens the immune system through powerful plants in small quantities. Vaccines have first been developed by Pasteur, an homeopathy scientist.

Crystals and light therapy Crystals absorb toxins from nerves and muscles as well as blood and lymph

Light therapy induces cellular regeneration on a deep level

Belle Fee line uses the highest grade, most precious and potent plants to address today's beauty challenge: improper skin  immunity response resulting in acne, discoloration, allergies,and premature wrinkling. 

Belle Fee elixirs are formulated to restore skin immunity to its optimum level through an homeopathic approach.  Strong skin and hair are beautiful skin and hair. 

Belle Fee potions are 100 % natural and of most original composition. Herbs, flowers, essences, minerals,and crystals, all known to strengthen and heal the immune system on every level: physically and emotionally. 

Key Ingredients:

  • White Rose - nature's spiritual Immunity boosting flower
  • Wild Lavender - nature's gentle allergy suppressant flower
  • Mandarin - nature's sun powered energizing fruit
  • Jasmine - nature's emotional hormones balancing flower
  • Gardenia tahitensis - nature's age erasing flower
  • Oxygenatic trees and plants - nature's osmosis environment for skin
  • Crystals - nature's nervous system purifying gems
  • Light Therapy "Nobel prize winning"-Science and nature answer to cellular healing and regeneration
  • Ylang-Ylang - nature's youth hormone flower
  • Frankincense - nature's mind to body connecting plant
  • Cypress - nature's blood cleansing plant
  • Juniper - nature's lympth moving plant
  • All natural Retin-A - a must to healthy skin, anti aging & anti acne

The use of these often sacred plants dates back to thousands of years, their spiritual aspects explain their regenerating, healing power. Belle Fee elixirs are potent though gentle with accumulative, long lasting effect. The product is stored in "nobel prize winning" light therapy bottles. Their application on the skin feels soothing and healing immediately while their subtle aromatic scent brings a sensation of well being.