Scenting Your House


Scenting your house or in fairy language sprinkle some fairy dust in your dwellings.

The winter holidays are over but keep the scents.

Having a tree in your house, how odd.

But the evergreens are known to purify the air and fight against respiratory ailments.

On the top of the list:

The pine tress, gently purifying and strengthening.

A drop of pine essencial oil mixed with white vinegar to clean wooden floors and the air of your apartment.

Rosemary, purifying and energizing: cooking with rosemary is invigorating and scents the whole house.

Frankincense, sinus and mind clearing: use Earl Grey tea (black tea with Bergamotte) all day long and leave daily a cup of it in your room to fight the flu season.

Thyme the super desinfecting plant, dry the plant and place it along with a dry lavender bouquet and decorate your house with it or use a drop of thyme essencial oil in white vinegar to clean your kitchen and bathroom.

Lavender the plant of regeneration and well being.

Aphrodisiac, soak your bed sheets in lavender distilled water. Place lavender soap in your lingerie drawer, decorate your apartment with lavender bouquets and make an Impressionism statement along with a state of spiritual calm and well being Lavender soothes the senses. 

Cedar wood, grounding and natural moth repellant, a masculine scent that invigorates our males and grounds our females. Put the wood chips all over your closets to fight off these costly moths.

And then there are the spring cleansing plants; the almighty orange, super cleansing power.

Get an all natural orange cleanser and wash up your walls with it and everything else,  an optimistic scent. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil and double your optimism. 

And never forget the power of the love flower Rose. Fresh and organic petals in water bowls in your bedroom. Fresh and dried bouquets everywhere: romance, trust, forgivance, the recipe of a long lasting relationship.

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